Willoughby Local Centres Strategy

Willoughby Local Centres Strategy

Local centres can attract employment, retail trade, and services by providing a well-designed and high quality urban environment. By inviting everyday activities, these lively places can maintain their economic and social vibrancy in the long term.

Willoughby City Council engaged Architectus to provide urban design and planning advice to inform the built environment and public domain strategy for seven local centres throughout Willoughby.

A thorough analysis examined the historical urban pattern, planning context, activity, mobility, and character features of each local centre. Each of these places experience specific strengths and challenges, and several key ideas were identified to inform a range of scenarios for potential future development.

The future character of each centre has been explored through precedent study and sketch perspective views.

Willoughby City Council has presented this information in community consultation, and the feedback will provide guidance on planning controls and public domain projects that can further revitalise each local centre.

Project Sheet

Project Summary

Willoughby City Council
Seven Local Centres, Willoughby , NSW
Floor area
1-5 ha per centre
Greg Burgon

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