University of the Sunshine Coast Chancellery

University of the Sunshine Coast Chancellery

The University of the Sunshine Coast's new building, the Chancellery, is pivotal in consolidating the central precinct of the campus. Placed directly opposite the Library, the Chancellery creates a new hub and student focus.

The building includes the new Chancellery, 14 tutorial rooms, 40 academic offices, 600 m² of student services, a 251 seat lecture theatre and a café. Generous covered outdoor spaces bring all of the varied uses together with clarity and create a democratic environment for the 800 occupants including students, academics and research staff.

The ESD principles of the University are central to the design. Offices and tutorial rooms are ‘mixed-mode', that is they operate without air-conditioning for the majority of the year. However each room has individual air-conditioning on separate switching to eliminate unnecessary use of energy. All corridor spaces are external, and the theatre is cooled by a displacement air system.

The Chancellery accommodates the Vice Chancellor, Deputy and Pro Vice Chancellors, and the Council meeting rooms. Rather than using circulation corridors between the Chancellery offices, an indoor verandah has created a sky lit multifunctional space. The building reinforces the Jeffersonian based master plan and continues the University's commitment to the development of an authentic, subtropical architecture for civic and education buildings.

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University of the Sunshine Coast
Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
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  • 2008 RAIA Sunshine Coast Building of the
  • 2008 RAIA (Qld) Public Architecture Award
  • 2008 RAIA (Qld) Harry S Marks Award for Sustainable Architecture
  • 2008 RAIA (Qld) Colorbond Award for Steel Architecture

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