Potts Hill Residential Estate

Potts Hill Residential Estate

Architectus was commissioned to prepare a Part 3A application for the Potts Hill Residential Estate comprising a revised master plan, Residential Design Guidelines for the houses and an environmental assessment. The site was previously part of the Potts Hill Reservoir site which is located adjacent to the residential area and is still in operation.

Potts Hill Residential Estate will incorporate up to 450 dwellings in a diverse mix of housing types including detached houses, duplexes and terrace houses to provide alternative housing options for a range of demographic groups and price points. There are three significant areas of public open space including a linear park which provides a major pedestrian link into the site from the surrounding area which also connects with the main community park.

The site has presented a number of challenges, particularly dealing with the topography which falls significantly towards the west, incorporating vegetation to be retained and the heritage elements, as well as dealing with the relatively large water retention and treatment requirements. The lot and street layout responds to the slope, surrounding urban context and the desire to incorporate optimal solar access.

The lot sizes were determined after careful consideration of the Landcom Guidelines, the NSW Housing Code and the particular site conditions, specifically the challenge of providing lots on a sloping site which are appropriate for residential construction in the Western Sydney housing market. The controls within the Residential Design Guidelines for Potts Hill were also derived in response to the Landcom Guidelines, the NSW Housing Code and the particular site conditions.

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