Parramatta Riverbank

Parramatta Riverbank

Architectus, in collaboration with Gallagher Studio Landscape Architects, was engaged by Parramatta City Council to prepare a master plan for their land at the site of the future River Square, a site that is strategically located at the intersection of two major public space strategies within the city centre.

The Parramatta City River Strategy, which aims to integrate the river and the city and to create a major public open space corridor along the river, identifies this key site as the location of a new public space on the river. The new Parramatta Civic Square is connected along Horwood Place to the river creating a civic link that terminates at the River Square.

Architectus’ proposal responds to these two strategies by proposing a north- south open space linking Phillip Street and the riverfront.

The generous space is designed to support daily activities as well as host significant celebrations. Built form recommendations seek to support a range of cultural, retail and commercial activities with residential uses above – a truly mixed use precinct. Traffic, flooding and feasibility analysis were undertaken to ensure demonstrated benefits could be delivered for the public.

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Parramatta City Council
Parramatta, NSW
Greg Burgon

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