Netball Court Cover - The University of Auckland

Netball Court Cover - The University of Auckland

The University of Auckland Netball Court Cover encloses an existing outdoor playing court adjacent to the University's gymnasium.

Sharing one wall with the gymnasium, simple steel portals span the court and support a combination of profiled metal and translucent cladding. Internally, the end walls are lined with particle board while the translucent western wall is protected from errant balls by wire mesh. In all, the space enclosed is a rectangle 35 metres by 23 metres by 8 metres high, providing an all-weather playing and practice field, and an economical teaching space.

The building's section, both formally and structurally takes its cue from the existing gymnasium's curved and sculpted laminated timber portals. Environmental control is simple and effective, low level timber flaps at the perimeter of the building and large roller doors can be supplemented by high level extractor fans, while heating is provided by wall mounted gas heaters.

The cover consciously extends the cool modernist language of the existing University buildings not so much out of deference but with respect and a welcoming of the opportunity to work in a context that reflects some of Architectus' architectural interests.

Project Sheet

Project Summary

The University of Auckland
Auckland, New Zealand
Floor area
750 m²
Original value
$0.6 m
Patrick Clifford


  • NZIA Resene Local Award for Architecture 2001

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