Melbourne IVF & Genetics Laboratories

Melbourne IVF & Genetics Laboratories

Architectus has designed one of the largest integrated treatment, research and production laboratories for one of the world's leading IVF services, Melbourne IVF.

The project was an opportunity to combine all the previously dispersed parts of the business onto a single site and provide room for future growth. The redeveloped facility is now linked via a new walk-through to Melbourne IVF's existing 300m2 tenancy in the adjoining Freemasons Day Procedure Centre.

A highlight of the refurbished building, formerly commercial office space, is the main production laboratory, which is four times the size of the old laboratory. The new facility, designed to cope with 4,000 treatment cycles a year, provides sufficient capacity for growth over the next 25 years.

Designing the main laboratory required some detailed research, beyond consultation with staff, to understand the processes taking place. For Architectus, this challenge meant translating science into working spaces.

The layouts were made as flexible as possible to allow for future reconfiguration of the lab without the need for major refurbishment. This is critical in avoiding introducing dust and fumes into the laboratory environment.

The palette of materials was intended to be welcoming and timeless to provide personable spaces for patients and staff alike.

The benefits of this approach are tangible. Within one year of occupying the rejuvenated premises, organisational synergies created by the design have led to business growth beyond expectation.

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St. Vincent and Mercy Private Hospital
Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia
Floor area
2700 m²
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