Epping Town Centre Planned Precinct

Epping Town Centre Planned Precinct

‘Planned Precincts’ are one of the NSW Government’s primary means for planning for Sydney’s growth. The State-led rezoning process provides the opportunity for councils to work collaboratively with the NSW Government to increase development capacity in well-serviced, strategic locations. The aim of the process is coordinated growth – ensuring that renewal delivers new infrastructure, open space, new connections, jobs and housing.  

Epping Town Centre was the first Planned Precinct announced and master planned by State Government. Architectus was engaged to undertake the analysis and research, consultation, master plan, public domain strategy and planning implementation, working with the two affected local councils. 

Architectus’ approach to planning for Epping was to identify the parts of the centre that were successful and required protection – its open spaces, connections, busy retail strips and conservation areas. Development potential was maximised where it would not impact the quality of these spaces or sunlight into the public domain. The vision and structure plan elements are underpinned by economic feasibility analysis to provide confidence that the growth and vision can be achieved.

Architectus further worked on the detailed master plan for the Rawson Street open space and retail precinct on behalf of Parramatta Council. 

Project Sheet

Project Summary

NSW Department of Planning & Environment
Epping, NSW
Floor area
10 ha
Michael Harrison

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