CSIRO Bribie Island Aquaculture Facility

CSIRO Bribie Island Aquaculture Facility

The design intent was to produce an elegant and refined shed that could effectively service CSIRO’s scientific needs within a highly efficient building envelope.

This project co-locates the CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research (CMAR) with DEEDI Aquaculture at Bribie Island in a new state-of-the-art aquaculture laboratory facility.

Architectus has created a simple and economic solution to the complex problem of housing a sophisticated set of scientific procedures producing an elegant gable roofed shed to effectively service CSIRO’s current and future operational and scientific needs.

The refined design qualities of the building are particularly featured in the form of its structural frame and box beam components, which are shaped to the bending moment forces.

The design is focused on the reduction of energy use, from the efficient heating of seawater resource required for scientific experiments to the exclusive use of natural ventilation to the aquaculture laboratory spaces and mixed-mode ventilation to the occupied spaces.

Architectus has provided a deceptively simple building, tailored to the client’s needs for a robust and flexible facility that will continue to serve them well in the long term.

Project Sheet

Project Summary

Bribie Island QLD
Floor area
Original value
$5m (includes systems)