Brisbane Airport Jet Blast Wall

Brisbane Airport Jet Blast Wall

The design of Brisbane Airport’s Jet Blast Wall fundamentally supports the user experience of the airport as an urban place and not one dominated by transport infrastructure.

Brisbane Airport needed more than the standard chain-link security fence around the perimeter of the new northern apron at their International Terminal. AirBus A380s would be powering up to their gates, creating wind speeds of up to 120km/h behind them and the direction of the jet blast would be toward the road and rail line to the west of the apron. The design for an integrated and attractive jet blast and security wall was achieved within a highly constrained context and set of design criteria.

When studying the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Report, the patterns generated by the jet blast were compelling and represented an appropriate reference to interpret into the design of the perforated metal panels of the wall. The coordination of the pattern on the airside and landside panels, varying porosity while meeting the CFD requirement, creates a double layer of perforated panels and a shimmering dynamic moiré effect when moving past in a car, on the train or in an aircraft.



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Brisbane Airport
Brisbane, QLD
October 2018
Karl Traeger