Australian National University Mt Stromlo Student Housing

Australian National University Mt Stromlo Student Housing

This student housing project for the Australian National University provides 10 residences for use by students studying, or researching, at the ANU's Mt Stromlo Observatory Campus and will replace the previous student accommodation facility which was destroyed in the 2001 Canberra bushfires.

The project provides accommodation that is flexible enough to cater for the needs of the various student groups who visit Mt Stromlo whilst creating a welcoming and nurturing learning environment that encourages social interaction and promotes active learning.

The building is a low profile single storey structure that arranges prefabricated living modules on either side of a central communal living space. This living space includes kitchen and laundry facilities and is a focal point for student gathering and interaction.

The external building materials have been selected for their simplicity and honesty and for the way which they showcase the unique construction methodology.

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Hutchinson Builders
Australia National University Mt Stromlo Campus, Canberra
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3.5 m
Colin Odbert