Interior Design

We believe that the design of a work of architecture and of its interior environment should merge effortlessly.

At Architectus, Interior Design is a fully integrated core discipline that specialises in the design and implementation of interior environments across all building types:  living, workplace, retail, hospitality, education, health, research and public buildings.

Our architects and designers work seamlessly together and collaborate closely with clients and users to thoroughly research and refine the organisational objectives and aspirations of each project. Our Interiors teams share the Architectus commitment to collaboration, research, innovation, the pursuit of design clarity and the dedication to detail.

We place environmental and social sensitivity at the core of our practice and professional responsibilities.Natural light, good ventilation, healthy materials, low energy equipment and detailing for reuse and recycling combine to create healthy and uplifting environments

By designing from the inside out, not just from the outside in, we seek to add that immediate, sensory and personalised dimension to each project that can enhance the overall experience of clients and users.