Michael Thomson

Michael Thomson is a founding director of Architectus (1986). He holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from The University of Auckand, is a registered Architect in New Zealand with the Architects Registration Board, a Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Architects and a New Zealand Green Star Architect Professional. As part of his responsibilities Michael Thomson oversees the production of documentation and technical research at Architectus Auckland. He has over 30 years experience in the development of sound technical resolutions to complex constructional challenges. 

His interests lie in the Tectonics and Craft of Architecture and a concern for the creation of ‘well tempered environments’ in the widest sense of Reyner Banham’s phrase. He is on the Continuing Practice Development Board of the New Zealand Institute of Architects which encourages and structures on-going research and self-education by members, and currently is the New Zealand Institute of Architects representative on the BRANZ Building Whole of Life Research Programme.

Architectus is committed to the possibilities offered by new technologies and techniques of building as well as research into sustainable building approaches in combination with the integration of structure and services in the design process. These themes were first developed at a large scale on the Mathematics Statistics and Computer Sciences Building in Christchurch. Reinforcement for this approach has come with the ongoing success of the building in qualitative and quantitative surveys against international benchmarks.

Michael has taken a key role in Architectus Court projects for the MOJ as Director in charge of the Manukau Precinct, Special Jurisdictions, High Court Chambers and Waitakere Courthouse Alteration projects.


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