Mark Wilde

As Director, Mark advocates successful project delivery that aligns client aspirations with innovative design, essential functional requirements, inspired development principles and environmental responsibility.

Mark has great breadth of experience and knowledge – with over 35 years’ experience on a wide range of projects: for private, commercial and government clients, delivered under both traditional and collaborative contracting models.

Mark’s is able to provide guidance, management and leadership in a rational, straight-forward and sociable manner – an enormous benefit to clients and projects.

Over three decades, Mark’s skills have provided Architectus’ clients, consultants, colleagues and staff with clarity and certainty – championing excellent client service and pursuing quality in all management practices and processes. Mark’s capacity to analyse and retain information is complemented by his ability to grasp complex issues and relationships. He can quickly distil essential issues and then communicate strategic information in a clear and uncomplicated manner.

Mark has an exceptional ability to foster motivation and commitment within organisational and consultant teams – he is held in the highest regard by colleagues and staff. He is very well informed and brings a great combination of enthusiasm and professional expertise to all aspects and types of projects. Mark is particularly adept in the providing solutions for complex projects that demand integration of sophisticated functions with challenging security, logistics and operational requirements.