Concept designs for the National Herbarium of NSW are revealed

26 June 2019


The new National Herbarium of NSW will be will be located at the new precinct in Mount Annan – soon to be named the Australian Institute of Botanic Science.

In collaboration with architect, Richard Leplastrier and landscape architect, Craig Burton, Architectus has been awarded the opportunity to design the new space which will house more than 1.4 million plant specimens. 

The team explored and researched the nature of the site, the complexity and extensive indigenous history of the region and the functional requirements of herbaria. Through creative collaboration, a joint concept design was developed to secure the preservation of the specimens that facilitate scientific research and give physical expression to the Herbarium and its precious contents. 

The solution needed to provide for precise environmental conditions to preserve the precious specimen collection, within a tight temperature and humidity and from complete isolation from insect infestation. In contrast to this, the facility is to be engaging for public visitation. Establishing a harmonious balance between the two presents a significant challenge.

Architectus Principal, Luke Johnson says “It is a privilege to work on this project. Plants are central to our planet's habitability and sustainability, and the research and visitor interaction with the new Herbarium’s extensive plant collection will facilitate positive environmental and societal outcomes for generations to come.”

Treasurer, Dominic Perrottet says “The Herbarium houses one of the most important and significant collections of plant specimens in the world, and this purpose-built facility will ensure Australia is at the forefront of conservation and management for generations to come.”

Read the NSW Government announcement here