New Lynn TOD交通枢纽,奥克兰

New Lynn TOD交通枢纽,奥克兰

"Modal priority in interchanges should follow the principle of having the most efficient and sustainable modes given the most prominent location."

Designed by Architectus, in association with Brewer Davidson Architects, the key component of the New Lynn Transit Oriented Development (TOD) is the formation of a trench within the rail corridor, enabling the station and associated double-tracking to be constructed below grade.

Under Council's Plan Change 17 significant areas of residential development are proposed south of the rail corridor as well as large areas re-zoned from ‘working' to ‘community'.

Located at the juncture of the established centre and the developing area south of the tracks the project elements are brought together below a distinctive canopy structure which provides the desired level of visibility and presence within this significant urban environment.

Interchange priority is given to trains, pedestrians, cyclists and buses although the wider project also provides an opportunity to improve vehicular movement through and across New Lynn whilst reducing traffic flows through the CBD.

Emphasis is placed on ease of transfer between modes of transport within a safe environment with a high level of amenity. Facilities for public transport users include an enclosed "airport standard" waiting lounge, platform access via escalators, bike lockers and a high standard of materials and finishes throughout the project.

Project Sheet

Project Summary

Waitakere City Council / ARTA / Ontrack
Auckland, New Zealand
Floor area
Original value
James Mooney
Malcolm Bowes


  • NZIA Auckland Architecture Award 2011 - Public Architecture
  • Property Council New Zealand Excellence Award 2011 - Special Purpose