Arts West, University of Melbourne

Arts West, University of Melbourne

The Arts West Redevelopment at the University of Melbourne is the new home of the Bachelor of the Arts. With its world class object based learning laboratories, integrated displays and digital studio, the Arts West development presents a significant opportunity for students to engage with the University’s archives and collections in new and exciting ways, enriching their experience and understanding of different cultures, eras and ideas.


Outside, the visual impact is immediate with representations of images from the University’s rich Cultural Collections. These images are abstract, encouraging exploration and interpretation – like the process of enquiry and revelation which underpins learning and discovery.


The new building, built over 7 levels on Professors Walk opposite the heritage Old Arts Faculty Building, provides the University’s Arts Precinct with a dedicated, high-quality teaching and learning environment. The innovative design directly influences the way the Bachelor of Arts is taught with an emphasis on informal learning spaces and the use of space as a catalyst for the creation of learning communities.


Professor Mark Considine, Dean, Faculty of Arts said the entire building makes an impression inside and out. “The focus of Arts West on immersive, interactive and collaborative learning is unsurpassed in the Asia Pacific region. This is the new force in humanities and social sciences teaching and research,” he said.


Architectus and ARM Architecture designed and delivered the project in joint venture.

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Faculty of Arts, The University of Melbourne
Melbourne, VIC
Floor area
6500 m2
Original value
Ruth Wilson