Architectus is a leading design studio that brings together the experience of more than 350 architects, interior architects, urban designers and urban planners. With a strong history across architecture, interior and urban disciplines, Architectus teams have specialist expertise across all industry sectors, on projects from the smallest to largest scale.

We are proud of our reputation for clear strategic design thinking and for the collaborative approach we bring to problem solving.  Our focus is to thoroughly understand our clients’ needs, applying our research, experience and technology to develop solutions that are functional and elegant.

Studios in  Adelaide, Auckland, Brisbane, Christchurch, Melbourne and Sydney are united by commitment to eight core Architectus principles:

Respect for Values and Needs – Our clients are the instigators, funders and owners of our projects. Our role is to listen closely to clients’ objectives, budgets and needs to enable us to create design solutions that generate added value.

Optimal Function and Performance – Good design should improve the way we live, work, learn and play. Careful analysis underpinning clear design strategies can significantly enhance the operational performance of our buildings and environments.

Response to Place and Context – All architecture is located in a specific place and time. Each project should be responsive to its global, regional and immediate locality and respectful of the landscape, climate, history, culture and community that defines place.


Enacting Environmental Ethics – Striving for a better future requires clear understanding of environmental and ecological interdependence and strong action to improve energy, water and resource cycles and to protect biodiversity. Architectus is committed to leadership in all aspects of sustainable practice.

Imbedding Research and Education – Each design project is underpinned by specialist expertise derived from continuous design research in our major sectors of endeavour. The latest knowledge is shared between staff, clients and the community through continuing education and training programs

Advancing Technology – Materials and methods used in design, documentation and construction are constantly developing. We are committed to continuously assessing and adopting the most effective technologies to reliably and efficiently deliver high performance projects.

Practicing Design as a Process – At Architectus, design is a verb - the creative act of research, innovation, communication and review needed to generate new syntheses and solutions. An integrated design process that links inception, development and documentation to delivery is the key to refining and realising exemplary projects. 

Pursuing Design Excellence – Each new design project represents a substantial long-term investment that will inevitably outlive the trends and fashions of the moment. Our goal is to imbed a deep and clear design quality that is appropriate, efficient, elegant and enduring.